Example of a watch with BrandAuthen on the cover under UV light, showing it is not a counterfeitPutting the mouse pointer over the image shows the product without UV lightPutting the mouse pointer over the image shows what it looks like without UV light

BrandAuthen is a covert product authentication technology used to protect brands against counterfeits. BrandAuthen enhances your brand security by providing a covert authentication mechanism which is all but impossible to duplicate, but very easy to authenticate.

Transmission electron microscopy image of BrandAuthen
(1 yard or 1 meter =1,000,000,000 nm)
BrandAuthen particles are about 10,000 times thinner than the human hair. This small size makes them to be undetectable to the naked eye, so they can be printed in completely transparent layers over other graphics. By contrast, older flourescent particles are visible to the naked eye due to their large particle size, some 1,000 times larger than BrandAuthen. To achieve the small particle size and advanced functionality of BrandAuthen, a counterfeiter would need a large group of specialized PhD’s. Because globally there are only a handful of individuals with the requisite expertise, counterfeiters are unable to conduct this type of reverse engineering. Thus, BrandAuthen provides a very high level of security.

In terms of authentication, BrandAuthen glows under UV light. Shine a UV light on the product or packaging, even the inexpensive penlights we provide free as part of the BrandAuthen program, and you have instantaneous mistake-proof authentication. Mystery shoppers, customs agents, law enforcement, and others will have no trouble authenticating efficaciously, boosting your enforcement effort.

BrandAuthen can be printed onto almost any product, packaging, ink, or film. Also, it can be mixed into plastic resins prior to molding. Further details are available on our BrandAuthen page , or in PDF or PowerPoint format on our Downloads page. If you’re interested in seeing samples, we’d be happy to prepare product and/or packing samples with your logo printed in BrandAuthen, and send you the sample with a UV light for your evaluation.

Below we have a sample video of a pharmaceutical bottle authentication. More samples are shown on our BrandAuthen page, or on YouTube under username "SunInnovations".


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BrandAuthen Digital Print Update
June 19, 2009
Sun is pleased to announce we've created a printing process so we can print graphics which are invisible to the naked eye, but light up in full color under UV illumination. This allows us to print on clear shrink-wrap films, CD's, DVD's, and other materials. Authentication is more effective when it's more foolproof, and now you can print your logo so it's not visible to the naked eye, but lights up in full color for easy authentication under a UV light. Again we've raised the bar in covert security!

Sun Establishes Operations in China
April 20, 2009
Sun Innovations is pleased to announce we have established an office in China. The office enables us to provide local training of mystery shoppers as well as other operations such as coordinating purchasing operations for authentication devices.

BrandAuthen Fabric Testing Update
November 7, 2008
In response to customer requests we confirm BrandAuthen works on fabric labels, we applied solvent dispersion BrandAuthen onto synthetic and natural fabrics, and then sent the fabrics through a normal wash process. We found that the BrandAuthen still fluoresces brightly even after washing. This is an excellent development in anti-counterfeiting for clothing, since the authentication materials can be put in a clear layer directly onto the fabric clothing label. Please see the bottom of our BrandAuthen page for pictures.

Sun Innovations presents BrandAuthen at Labelexpo Americas 2008
September 9, 2008
Customers were excited to hear about BrandAuthen, finding it solves numerous limitations with their current cover label security features. Some didn't get the lumens of flourescence they want with their current product, and were excited by the possibility of using brighter BrandAuthen. Others had problems with taggant particle size, and were happy to hear that at under 100 nanometers, our nanoparticles would be printer-friendly, allowing them to avoid any nasty operational inefficiencies from printer clogging. Of course, having a low cost point is another market requirement BrandAuthen is poised to sate. We were interested to hear HP's Mr. Jim Colby, giving a speech on anti-counterfeiting, mention that his team rejected RFID for label authentication due to cost and concerns over tampering. Meanwhile, Labels & Labeling editor Mr. Andy Thomas commented that surveys consistently show one of the top areas of interest for label converters is label security and authentication.


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